About Us

Sama is a women’s group working on women and health, and seeks to locate the concerns of women’s health and well being in the larger context of socio-historical, economic and political realities.

Sama considers health a fundamental human right and believes that the provision of quality and affordable health care to every citizen is the responsibility of the state.

Sama believes that equality and empowerment can be ensured only when poverty, curtailment of capabilities, lack of livelihood rights, lack of health services and access to health care, illiteracy and multiple forms of discrimination based on caste, class, gender religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and many other rubrics are structurally challenged. Our commitment is to integrate the gender, caste, class and rights analysis within the wider context of other social relations in order to emphasize the complexity of existing power relations that work towards exclusion and marginalization.

The word Sama means equality in Sanskrit, Hindustani and other Indian languages. The logo symbolizes balance and equality. These are an intrinsic part of Sama’s philosophy and vision.

Sama engages with Community Based Organizations, Non Governmental Organizations, women’s groups and collectives, health networks and coalitions, autonomous bodies like the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and National Commission for Women (NCW), youth, traditional healers and birth attendants, health care providers, medical professionals and the media.



  1. I want our organisation REALS , VIM-147, Sailashree Vihar ,Bhubaneswar – 21 to be included in your regular mailing list and we would be happy to get included in any intellectual discourse on Women and Health issues.

    Specially , our organisation would be interested to get more ideas from your organisation if it has any factual findings on Growing concerns in Reproductive health awareness among adolescent girls in tribal areas.

    With regards and expectation to get reply soon.


  2. I would like to be part of the conversations on your web site on women’s health issues.

    I am a historian and my work has focused on the history of birth control in colonial India. My current project is on the history of reproductive health in the post-colonial period and would love to include your group in my study. Anyway, I can be involved with your work would be a delight–thank you.

  3. My appreciation to Sama team. I am a Historian and have worked on Reproductive Health Movement in Contemporary India. I acknowledge your group for providing me data and resources for my work. These days I am working on recent trends and shifts in the movement and looking forward to collaborate with your team.

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