Health Insurance: Current Trends and Challenges

Greetings from Sama!
We are writing to invite you to participate in a seminar on Health Insurance: Current Trends and Challenges on 28th June 2013 being organised by Sama in Delhi. 
The seminar seeks to discuss some recent trends in health policy that are extremely concerning. The health system’s shortfalls – low levels of public health expenditure, poor infrastructure, lack of skilled human resources, inadequate supply of medicines, poor quality of care, corruption, etc. are not unknown. However, increasingly, health planning and policy discussions are foregrounding corporatization and privatization. Insurance and PPPs are the buzzwords that are claimed as pathways to universal health care, improving access to health care, etc. In this context, we have planned a one-day seminar on Health Insurance: Current Trends and Challenges at the end of June in New Delhi.

Notwithstanding the various issues that have emerged in the context of health insurance from different States of India, there are several questions to be asked What are the implications of RSBY like schemes for the health sector?  Do they improve access and quality of care? What are the concerns about insurance schemes that are emerging from the country? Is health insurance, health for all?

The discussions will be in a mix of Hindi and English language. We look forward to your confirmation.



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