Health Insurance: Current Trends and Challenges

Greetings from Sama!
We are writing to invite you to participate in a seminar on Health Insurance: Current Trends and Challenges on 28th June 2013 being organised by Sama in Delhi. 
The seminar seeks to discuss some recent trends in health policy that are extremely concerning. The health system’s shortfalls – low levels of public health expenditure, poor infrastructure, lack of skilled human resources, inadequate supply of medicines, poor quality of care, corruption, etc. are not unknown. However, increasingly, health planning and policy discussions are foregrounding corporatization and privatization. Insurance and PPPs are the buzzwords that are claimed as pathways to universal health care, improving access to health care, etc. In this context, we have planned a one-day seminar on Health Insurance: Current Trends and Challenges at the end of June in New Delhi.

Notwithstanding the various issues that have emerged in the context of health insurance from different States of India, there are several questions to be asked What are the implications of RSBY like schemes for the health sector?  Do they improve access and quality of care? What are the concerns about insurance schemes that are emerging from the country? Is health insurance, health for all?

The discussions will be in a mix of Hindi and English language. We look forward to your confirmation.





Workshop for Media Students in Delhi/ NCR

Sunday, 30th June 2013

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Conference Room No. 2,

India Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi


Issue in Focus: Come and participate in an interactive session on some key, topical issues vis-à-vis  gender, health and rights with specific reference to gender based violence and and the role of the health system ( consent, care and medico legal issues), and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (IVF, etc.) commercial surrogacy (social, ethical and regarding regulation).

Duration and Format: This session is planned as a short introduction to these issues that we hope  will contribute to your understanding and work their course of your study, research and practice or as future media professionals. It will be divided into two sessions which will include a documentary film screening, participatory exercises and discussion as the tools of learning and sharing.

For Whom: This workshop is primarily open for students of Media Studies, who are studying journalism, film making, and use of other kinds of media to tell stories, report on issues and make/ change public opinion through their work. There are some slots for other interested students also, especially students of sociology, gender studies, law, medicine, etc. Certificates of Participation will be given to all those who attend this workshop.

Please send us a paragraph expressing why this issue is important for you and how this workshop will help you. Registrations will close once we have a full house, so do send in your mails soon! We will send a confirmation of participation to selected students only due to space constraints.


Who we are: Sama has been working on issues of women’s health and rights for more than a decade, through action research, policy monitoring and advocacy, capacity building and knowledge creation and dissemination. To know more about our work please visit