Draft National Health Bill – A Public health and Gender Analysis

A Workshop

12th and 13th December 2009, New Delhi

Sama is organizing a two-day workshop on the draft National Health Bill, which is a critical first step towards legal recognition of the right to health and health care in India and its operationalisation, and therefore necessitates an in-depth understanding and analysis of its provisions. This workshop follows several requests that we have received from organisations and provides an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Draft Bill based on a public health and gender analysis.

The workshop will address the following:

  • * the salient features of the bill
  • * the key thematic areas
  • * role and regulation of the private health care sector
  • * centre / state relationship under the mandate for a central law on health

The resource persons for the workshop are – Shruti Pandey [an advocate & senior consultant with the National Health Systems Resource Centre (NHSRC)], Renu Khanna (SAHAJ, Baroda) and Abhay Shukla (SATHI, Pune). This workshop will be in English and is designed primarily for Programme Co-ordinators.

Participation is only by invitation from Sama.


Unraveling the Fertility Industry: Challenges and Strategies for Movement Building …

An International Consultation

January 22 – 24, 2010, New Delhi

Sama is organizing an International Consultation that will look into the issues of Commercialization of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and its Ethical implications. The Consultation aims to bring together activists/scholars and researchers from different parts of the world particularly from regions that are experiencing the implications of these technologies.

Through this consultation, we intend to:

  • Share and exchange information emanating from activism, research, practices, policies and regulatory mechanisms gathered from the ground from across the world and thereby enable the development of a framework for ethical norms and regulations;
  • Further the emerging debates on ‘new’ reproductive and genetic technologies in the context of public health and policy, research, ethics and practic;
  • Comprehend the advancements and debates around scientific research on infertility care, stem cells and cloning and examine the research priorities in the context of access to basic health care;
  • Locate the discussions and debate on ARTs within the framework of women’s health, rights and social justice;

Participation is only by invitation from Sama.